Produce Quality Videos with These Basic Tips







Videography can be both fun and profitable. For beginners in this field, here are some tips to consider:

  1. Be organised. As expert videographers say, organization is key to efficient editing. The initial step is to make sure that the pre-production stage is completely finished, such as having an approved script.
  1. Avoid camera beginners’ mistakes. Mistakes that newbie videographers are commonly guilty of include constant panning and zooming. Instead of zooming, you might consider pausing the video recorder and moving closer to the subject. In case of panning, do it slower to create a better effect.

Another common mistake in videography is the shaky-cam. Watching a video shot with unsteady hands is so frustrating for the audience. There are some music videos and commercials that are intentionally shaky so as to create an effect — of course, that is an exception. To avoid a shaky video, practice until your hands are stable enough to shoot scenes or invest in a quality tripod with a fluid head.

  1. Provide headroom. It is irritating for viewers to see a video where almost all of the cast’s heads are cut off. To avoid this, use your pinky finger as a guide. The width between the person’s head and the top of the video frame is a good measure for a perfect amount of headroom. On the other hand, avoid overdoing the headroom.
  2. Make sure to have good lighting. Get a lighting kit to help you improve quality videos — especially those that are shot in the dark. The basic lighting kit that videographers must have would be key light, fill light, and backlight.

  1. Remember that you are shooting for the edit. Good videographers (like Paul Hubbard) think of how their output would appear once edited from the time they start shooting.

With these few steps, amateurs will definately produce good video content.


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