New ways photobooths can create fun memories with friends and family

Photobooths have been around for years and ever since their invention, people have been enamored by their ability to produce instant photographs. There is something fun about going into a small booth to have one’s snapshots taken with no time to think or pose. Part of the charm of these instant pictures is that they capture spontaneous moments that are unrehearsed.

Photobooths have come a long way from their simple beginnings. These days, many companies offer photo booth services for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, and business events. These companies offer fun features such as interactive touch screens, different print options, and video messaging. They also provide fun props and customizable backdrops. Most often, these booths come with an attendant — this would be a person sent by the photo booth company to oversee the photo booth activities.

To keep up with the advancements in technology, photo booth companies have come up with fresh and innovative ways to capture moments from a special occasion and turn them into precious keepsakes. Here are a couple of the latest trends when it comes to photo booth services:

Flipbooks — This service allows guests the opportunity to reenact a favorite scene from a movie or just be plain silly in front of the camera. The guests get to choose their own costumes and props. When the session is over, printouts of the shoot will be produced and bound into a flipbook. What’s amazing about this service is that the guests get to view and enjoy the fruits of their labor within a matter of minutes.

Scrapbooks — This is an elegant keepsake that customers can share with their loved ones or look back on when they’re feeling nostalgic. While the event is ongoing, a photo booth attendant will be creating the scrapbook. As the photo strips are added into the pages, the guests will be given the option of writing personalized messages next to their pictures. By the time the event is over, the scrapbook will be ready for pickup. Photo booth companies offer different options when it comes to this service. For those who have no budget concerns, the premium scrapbook option will be a great choice. They include stylish stickers, frames, and fun knickknacks.

Photobooths have greatly improved throughout the years. These days, they are used not only to create instant photos, but they have also become a treat for guests who want to have souvenir photographs taken with their friends and relatives. OMG Entertainments, photo booth company in Kent, said they’re busier than ever with this viral trend!

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