How to take Jewellery Photography

Taking Jewellery photos isn’t the easiest shoots in the world, the polished metals, jewels and other factors means the reflections can be a nightmare, with that said I’ve learned a few tricks which have worked really well for me and get that perfect shot, so take note as I drop this knowledge bomb.


Lighting is very important when taking Jewellery photos, my current setup is two lights either side of an Ezcube, this setup works wonders for me in my last Rolex Watches shoot for Blowers Jewellers heres how my current setup is looking:







Ensure you have the right bulb for the job, we want a nice balance daylight florescent bulb for this job, anything else will not work for this.

Spot Focus

If your camera has a spot focus option (you may need to dig out the manual) then I would use it, this mode will produce the sharp, crisp focus we’re after for our photos. The spot focus means that the camera will focus on a small area, whereas your normal mode will have a much wider focus so spot focus is a must!


A must for these kinds of shoots, you’ll need a sturdy camera to capture these stills, a flimsy shot from a free hand shoot will not get you the results you need.

Shutter Speed/Exposure Time

We’re working in a very bright environment so you may want to adjust your exposure settings and take some test shots to make sure your shots are not over exposed (bright) or under exposed (dark).

Get these simple elements right and you’re on to a winner when taking your next jewellery shoot. These simple tips will ensure you get the most intricate details on the Berganza wedding rings.


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