Taking photos for clothing

Have you ever taken a photo and thought, you know what, that would look great on a t-shirt?

Well I have and recently thought I’d try it out to see how it would look and I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

For the experiment I used a company called Logos 4 Polos who was highly recommended to me by a friend. A simple, easy to use website I uploaded my artwork onto a white, short sleeved t-shirt, for those of you wondering here’s the photo I wanted to use:



The t-shirt arrived yesterday and I have to save I’m very impressed with the quality and fit, so much so that I’m now looking through my back catalogue of images to find what I’m going to use next, who knows maybe a Jefra clothing line on the way…..

Taking great photos right from your iPhone

You’re out and about and see the perfect photo opportunity, but disaster, that fancy DSLR Camera is sitting at home.

You’ll be surprised and how well a photo the iPhone can produce, and with the vast amount of apps online to really make your photos shine, you should seriously think of using the camera on it more.


The hipsters choice of tool, Instagram has a great range of built in filters to make your photos pop, not only that but it has some great sharing tools too so everyone can see that great meal you just had!

All joking aside, I follow some great photographers on Instagram who post some great shots whilst adventuring around the globe.


VSCO CAMvsco-cam

VSCO Cam is for the real photography enthusiasts, it does have some killa pre sets however you can also get quite technical and change loads of little settings to get the look and feel you’re after.

And also unlike Instagram, you can export your finished piece in full resolution unlike the cropped output you get from Instagram.

The app also has the standard sharing features, allowing you to upload your snaps to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

They’re plenty of other apps available on the app store but these two are my main choice of tools whilst taking photos on my phone.

Welcome to my website!

Hello and first of all thanks for stopping by Jefra takes pictures.

My names Jefra, ok it’s Jeffry but Jefra sounds cooler! You can find out more about me here

In the meantime keep an eye out for my upcoming posts, it’s going to be an awesome project!